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17th August 2018

Announcing Observe Software Update 2018

Qpercom Observe’s latest product release Observe 1.9.106 to 1.9.112 will roll-out on Sunday, 16th September, 2018. This product release contains a new list of enhancements from our ongoing product development and valued client collaboration. This year we have launched a product development board on Trello, a project management platform, where we can share product updates with you, and you can post your feedback and questions. More information and illustrations of these enhancements can be found on the Trello Observe page.

We have detailed the enhancements below for your convenience. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email, Pubble (in Observe) or give us a call (+353 91395416).

When is the product release happening?

It will roll-out Sunday, 16th of September, 2018, with a downtime window from 20:00 to 23:00 GMT+1.

What enhancements are in this product release?

  • The system now supports Single Sign-On (SAML) integration with existing client systems, contact Qpercom support for more information on activation
  • New user last activity widget on home screen, available to administrators only
  • Feedback tool now supports release of weighted scores (as an option) alongside raw scores and percentage scores
  • New text notes field added to student results section to record internal only issues/notes (not released to students). Notes column added to raw data tab and included in export if selected
  • New Feedback only section as an option to add to assessment forms
  • New user role ‘School Administrator’ with restricted access to assessments, departments and content in 1 or more Schools
  • Ability to set weightings per station with new score weighted (%) column in OSCE analysis tool. Station weightings can be configured ahead of OSCEs in the day/circuit builder and can also be amended on the rules tab
  • New navigation buttons added to assessment form builder to allow user to cycle through other forms in group
  • The system now suggests user to reuse existing assessment form if they define a new assessment form with the same name
  • New text scaling option available during assessment
  • New clone option in assessment form builder section allowing you to clone a complete form into bank
  • Form builder now highlights linked assessments of forms that have results data attached
  • New combo box dropdown in filter list that allows you to search through departments across schools
  • New non-scoring (indicator only) option to add to assessment forms sections (checkbox type)
  • New feedback menu option that takes you directly to the feedback tool; appears under the OSCE dropdown menu
  • Student names now included in PDF file names for feedback download (.zip) option
  • New grade rules feature to enable system to identify if student meets grade criteria.


For enhancements released prior to Observe 1.9.106, visit here.