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8th June 2015

Our customers





Dr Predrag Bjelogrlic, University of St Andrews, said:

‘The University of St Andrews (School of Medicine) purchased the OMIS system in November 2012 and have used it during our formative OSCE for the first year medical students in December 2012. 140 students took part in 4 stations in 5 venues. Staff found the software easy to use in order to setup and prepare the exam questions. We used a variety of devices to mark the students’ performances and the examiners found the software easy to navigate. We really valued the ability to get instant results which were easy to process. In addition there is an excellent student feedback tool.

Overall we have had a very good experience with OMIS.”


Professor Andrew W Murphy, Head of the Department of General Practice, School of Medicine, National University of Ireland, Galway said:

“Since 2009 assessors in General Practice OSCE stations submit marks, judgments and feedback electronically through Qpercom’s bespoke OSCE Management Information System(OMIS). Real-time data entry reduces time-consuming work and errors while speeding up the analysis and publication of results.

We assess examiner’s scores in real-time and our data are researched and published by researchers associated with this team of innovators, software engineers and learning technicians. We’re proud to have them on board at our School of Medicine!”


Drs Radmer de Jong, In Tense safety Training & Assessment, said:

“Qpercom has delivered a great custom-made product to meet our requirements, because they took the time to investigate the demands needed in our field and specified by our company. An online interface was designed to score our outdoor training sessions to ensure validation of our assessment tool.”


Mr Stuart Sutherland, National School of Healthcare Science, Health Education West Midlands, said:

“Qpercom’s OMIS system has been an absolutely essential part of the National School of Healthcare Science’s delivery of high-volume, highly complex OSCEs across multiple specialisms for healthcare science trainees. The system itself is a pleasure to use and it solves so many problems for us. We now have many hundreds of experienced OSCE assessors in healthcare science who see our use of iPads to submit marks to the OMIS system at high stakes events as thoroughly normal and simple.

The initial training provided by the team from Qpercom was very effective and their on-site support at our earliest assessment events was utterly invaluable. The team at Qpercom have proved to be very supportive and friendly and very responsive to our many and changing needs.”


Drs Ada van der Velden, Erasmus MC Desiderius Medical School, said:

‘The Assessment Management System provided (OSCE) appears to be the solution for problems we encountered during skills assessment; how to control assessment stations; how to design assessment forms quick and easy; access to results and reports of various stations and how can we prevent human error in forms and transfer of data.”


Dr Annick Dermine, Catholic University Leuven, said:

“Our clinical assessments have never gone so smoothly”