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Qpercom Observe

Observe is an advanced observational assessment tool used by institutions for high-stakes clinical assessment, such as OSCEs. In addition to data collection and recording¬†of results, Observe facilitates¬†psychometric analysis, multi-examiner/multi location and direct feedback delivery.  

Qpercom Entrust

Entrust is the latest exciting feature to be released in Qpercom. Entrust is a system to measure Entrustable Professional Activites (EPAs) in any industry. EPAs measure competencies via units of professional practice. This feature allows for comprehensive recording and grading of EPAs and is tailored to each client.

Qpercom Recruit

Recruit provides a software solution for large scale interviews, to collect data for the interview process allowing for candidate appraisal and to record candidate feedback. Recruit is a powerful tool in conducting MMI (multiple-mini interviews), saving time, reducing error and allowing for real-time data analysis.